Simple step-by-step guide to pitching

Facing a chip shot from a muddy claggy lie is a situation no golfer enjoys being in. The margins for error become much tighter on the strike when you adopt your standard technique, which can make this shot very tricky and riddled with danger. That’s why you need to develop a wet lie chipping method.

So I much prefer using a bunker shot technique, where I have my feet open to the target and swing across my target line, whilst maintaining a neutral clubface. The only real change is the ball position should move a fraction back of centre. As you are looking to make sure that you strike the ball first so the clubface doesn’t clag up in the wet muddy ground conditions. From this position you want to make sure that you make a confident golf swing and accelerate through the golf ball.

Try this wet lie chipping method approach during a practice round. Throw a couple balls down and test it out  – it really works from those horrible, muddy lies.

Pitching advice

During the winter when the greens can be very soft, it makes sense when you pitch to get the ball up in the air and carrying as close to the hole as possible. However, this isn’t always the safest option. Your shot selection process should start with a close look at how the golf ball is lying. Really look closely at how it is sitting because if your ball is in an area without much grass, so it’s sitting in a very bare area, then a lower-flighted, chip and run shot is a much safer option in this situation.

Being able to make a shorter swing with less loft takes a lot of the trouble out of the equation. However, just be mindful that if the pin is at the back of the green, make sure you give it enough to get all the way back there as the ground can be very wet and slow this time of year.

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