This weekly top tip is going to be a simple one, however, very effective and can prove itself by doing just a little practice. This is something that we perhaps dabble with a little or maybe do for a few minutes before we go out and play.

As you may have guessed, it’s going to be about putting practice.

How many of you can say you at least spend 15/20 minutes on the putting green every time you go to the golf course or driving range? Probably about 10% of you, MAX! You’re not alone, I use to do the same. Especially when it’s cold. So with the season ahead, it’s time to get practicing your putting and get lowering them scores!

Here are two simple drills to effectively work on the two key areas within your putting.

Short putts

Distance control

Firstly, let’s get you working on them shorts putts with a game of “Round the Clock”. All you need is 6/8 golf balls and your simply going to put them in a circle around the hole at only a putters length away. This may seem easy, but let’s see how many you miss on your first go. If you beat 5 out of 8, then you beat my first attempt! Well done 🙂

You need to focus on the back of the hole and make a good confident stroke and for the first few times, you can’t leave the green till you’ve made at least 75% of the putts. Then after a few sessions, be tough on yourself and say you can’t leave until you’ve made at least 1 round at 100%.

Secondly, let’s work on your distance control. For this you will need 5 golf balls and about 35ft of putting green to work with minimum from the edge of the putting green. If your golf course doesn’t have this much length, then come and use ours when you’re using our other facilities.

You’re going to start from the edge of the green and walk to 15ft away (drop a ball down), walk another 5ft (drop a ball down) and so on until you have put all 5 balls down and there is roughly 5 feet between each ball and your last should be about 35ft away from the edge of the putting green. All you are looking to do is get the golf balls to stop as close to the edge of the putting green as possible. If they go more than 1ft passed or finish 1ft short, then you need to start the game again. Like the previous game, don’t leave until you make all the putts within the area!

Be tough on yourself for the best results.

If you need any help or want to know more then please come and have a chat with me and I will more than happy to explain in more detail. However, if you are still having problems then you can always book a lesson in with myself. Just call the shop on 01983 613131 and get something booked in at a convenient time for yourself.

Daniel West

Assistant PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre