Maximizing your drives through “Spin Loft”

Some of you may know that recently I have been away on a Trackman Advanced training course. This has given me a broader understanding of Trackman and the numbers it produces. One of the key numbers that sticks out in my mind, is one that would benefit many golfers in maximising their distance and can also be used on irons and wedges to maximise spin rate. The parameter is called “Spin loft”. Firstly I am going to talk to you about what spin loft is and then talk you through how you can get this number to maximise your driving distance.

(watch out for my next blog, as I will explain how you can use spin loft to maximise your spin rate with your wedges and irons)

What is “Spin loft”?

Spin loft is the angle created between your angle of attack and your dynamic loft (assuming that the clubface to path number is zero). The higher the “spin loft”, the more spin you’re going to put on the golf ball and the lower the smash factor (how well you strike the golf ball). This is why if we can increase our spin loft for wedges we can maximise spin and if we can minimise our spin loft for our driver, we can maximise our distance as it increases our ball speed and reduces our spin rate.

Please see the image below, to give you a visual on how this looks. The image is used with an iron, however, works exactly the same with a driver and any other club in your bag.

Maximising my distance through “spin loft”

By now you might be thinking “if I just decrease the loft of my driver, then that will decrease the spin loft” Yes, that will decrease the spin loft, however, that will also decrease the launch angle which will hit the ball nowhere. In order to achieve maximum distance, we need to have a high launch and low spin rate and max ball speed.

So how can you do this?

Rather than reducing the loft of the club, let’s just improve the angle of attack which then brings the bottom line up in the picture up. By doing this we can maintain that high launch we are after, whilst reducing spin and increasing smash factor.

There are other ways of reducing spin loft, however, this is the first key simple way to do so. If this doesn’t give you more distance or your struggling to understand. Then book in a 45 minute golf lesson with myself and we can go through some things and get you maximising your driver.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, my next one will be along shortly.

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Have a great week golfing.

Daniel West