Dan’s Weekly Top Tips

Junior Development

I see it so much from working at a golf centre where we have a driving range and give junior lessons, where parents are trying to work with their children from a young age on developing their golf game and their swings before they have even learnt some of the basic Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).

Fundamental Movement Skills are what we learn as a child, that help us do what we think are simple tasks such as running, jumping, catching, balancing, kicking and much more. Children need to develop and learn these skills first, before they can start to learn Fundamental Sports Skills (FSS) like putting, chipping and driving.

It has been proven by research that children who learn and master FMS skills first before moving onto FSS, develop faster and achieve higher than those of whom dive straight into the FSS skills.

Most children under the age of 8/9 and even some under 10/11 if their skills haven’t been developed properly, must purely focus on FMS skills within golf like striking the ball and balance within the golf swing rather than breaking the swing down and getting them to work on weight transfer or changing their swing arc etc.


If this kind of thing is of interest to you or you wish to bring your child along to one of our junior lessons, they are ran on a Tuesday at 5pm or a Saturday at 1pm. Please call me on 01983 613131 for more information.


Daniel West

PGA Assistant Professional