A View from the Shed

It is at this time of year that i look at next year’s feed program. Looking at where i need to make slight changes or different products. I am a firm believer in seaweed and will using more, in the coming years.

With the attack of disease that occurred last month and the subsequent fungicide treatments, have left the greens lacking the correct balance of good bacteria. Therefore, any application of natural products, will help address this deficit.

Keeping the cutting units sharp, also help combat further attacks of disease. If the cutting unit is blunt, it will tear not cut the grass leaf, leaving a wound that is vulnerable to attack. To that end, all of our greens/tee’s/surrounds units are currently being sharpened monthly.

A View From The Shed

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A View from the Shed

As mentioned  last week, it is at this time of year i review the products used on the course. I look at the results achieved, cost against quality and versatility of use. All of these factors are considered when planning the following years program. I will be taking soil samples from the greens and sending them off for analysis. This will help fine tune my feed program for next year. As indicated last week, i am looking at changing to a more organic based feed program, which can only be a positive move.

With the ever increasing ban on chemicals to combat disease, weeds, moss and pests, a move to a more natural approach is essential. A long way from when i started in the industry, when we used to apply Mercury based products and 2 4 5 T ! We can be very thankful that those horrific products are no longer used.

Here on the course, although we have had a lot of rain, i aim to keep trolleys on where ever possible.