Winter is well and truly under way and over the course of the next few months any golfers willing to brave the winter weather will experience weather such as wind, freezing temperatures and rain. So it is vital that you have the correct clothing, accessories and equipment to tackle these harsh conditions.

The essentials include;

Waterproof jacket

Waterproof trousers

Waterproof hat

Wet weather/rain glove

Winter mitts

Hand warmers


A spare towel which is to be kept inside your bag or under your umbrella to stay dry .

Comfy leather golf shoes

Spare gloves in case yours get soaking wet

These 10 types of equipment are a winter must have to keep you warm and dry during a round of golf.  Staying warm and dry during a round of golf is key to your rounds success, as if you get cold and wet your muscles will get cold and stiffen up which will consequently cause you to make unforced errors with your game. 

During a game of golf in the rain,  it is vital that you keep you, your clubs and the rest of your equipment dry. This is important as if you get wet then you are likely to get cold and as previously mentioned getting cold is not ideal for your game. We don’t want our clubs to get wet, because when grips get wet then tend to become rather slippery which can cause the club to turn/move in your hands through a shot and cause another unforced error.  Both of these can be achieved by having a double canopy “Gust Buster” umbrella to tackle the winds and keep you dry and also a waterproof bag cover to keep you bag and all that is inside dry.

In our professional opinion for the majority of golfers it is better to use a lower spinning golf ball during the winter, because it makes the golf ball easier to control in windy conditions. You will still be able to get the ball to stop fairly quickly due to it being rather wet underfoot.  Some golf balls that we would recommend would be either the Wilsonstaff DX2 Soft, Callaway Supersoft or the Titleist DT Solo. All of these balls have the characteristics suited for winter golf, as they all have a soft outer layer causing the ball to have a nice soft feel of all the clubs, however, they have a lower spinning core which is perfect for the winter. 

If you wish to get yourself kitted out for winter or  need any advice on what equipment is best suited for your needs then please come and see us in store where we will give you advice and guide you into the right direction.