Here at the Teaching Academy we have 2 full time PGA Professionals & 1 PGA Assistant Professional.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

PGA Qualified AA Professional with Advanced Certificate in Golf coaching

Callaway Ambassador

England County Academy Coach

Hampshire County Academy Programme Development Coach

I first got into golf as a 15 year old when after finding out a bit more about the game from a couple of my friends who played, I found an old putter in the garage and snuck up to Ventnor Golf Club on to the 230 yard 5th Hole and tried hitting it off the tee! Didn’t have much success with this as you might imagine so I purchased a half set of clubs for £15 from the local paper. I also didn’t have much success with these at first, the first two irons I hit, broke in my hand as I hit right out of the hosel! I did not have a clue what I was doing at first until I got hold of a Jack Nicklaus learn to play golf book and took it from there. This should be a ringing endorsment for getting some lessons in straight away as you start the game because I really did not have a clue at first! I got the hang of it in eventually, mainly due to working hard at it and spending the summer holidays up at Ventnor Golf Club every day.

I have been a member of staff at Westridge since 2000 and qualified as a PGA Professional in 2010. During my time at the centre I have worked with and gained valuable coaching knowledge from numerous golf coaches, and I believe this has helped me to become a better golf coach. Now a class AA PGA professional with an Advanced Certificate in Golf Coaching. I regularly participate in Tournaments around Hampshire, and I organise golf breaks around the country.

 Daniel West

Daniel West

PGA Assistant Professional & Titleist Custom Fitting Professional

Cobra Staff Player

Westridge Junior Academy Coach

Schools Development Coach

I have been a member of staff at Westridge Golf Centre since 2007 and passed my UKCC Level one in 2009. I have as of August 2018 passed my PGA playing ability test and about to undergo my 3-year degree to become a PGA Qualified Professional.  During my time at Westridge, I always strive to encourage my pupils to achieve their full potential. I have as of August 2018 passed my PGA playing ability

I have attended seminars from “Golf Channel’s - School of Golf host” Martin Hall and have developed my knowledge of the swing over the years from Trackman University & working alongside many professionals. I am a Custom Fit specialist with Titleist and have a large range of knowledge of every other brand we stock through working closely and attending Hardware Training meetings.

My aim is to introduce children of all ages into golf, which will enable the junior golf on the island to flourish in an enjoyable and constructive environment. My teaching philosophy is to get my pupils to get a better understanding of their swing, to be enable them to self correct when needed. I also aim to get my pupils to have a basic understanding of their own individual swing thoughts and fundamentals to develop their skills.


Antonio Entrena

Antonio Entrena

PGA of Spain

Westridge Junior Academy Coach

I hail from Huelva in Spain, and first picked up a golf club at the age of 7 years old. I played the majority of my golf on my home course at the Bellavista Golf Club, and didn’t have far to travel as I lived between holes 7 and 16 on the golf course!

My parents signed me up as a member at the age of 10, and to begin with I was given a handicap of 48! By the age of 15 my handicap was down to 3 and I was playing many national competitions. It was at this point I realised I wanted to make golf my career. With this keen interest in the game, I went on to achieve a Masters degree in Management, Maintenance and Sustenance of golf courses.

At the age of 19, with my handicap down to 1, I turned Professional and then became a member of the Spanish PGA, gaining my Golf Instructor qualification through the Spanish PGA.

I went on to teach as a Professional at the main golf academy in Seville, which was a very busy centre and meant I coached 5 days a week from 10am in the morning through to 10pm each evening. During this time I built up 10 years of experience coaching the game.





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